A Promise Kept

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Genesis 21:13

I will make the son of the slave into a nation also, because he is your offspring.


These are the words of God Almighty to Abraham concerning his son Ishmael, by the slave woman Hagar. Sarah had asked Abraham to move Ishmael and Hagar out of their home as she (Sarah) had become weary with her. Abraham felt terrible about it, but the Lord said do as she says, I will also bless your son Ishmael and turn him into a great nation because he is your son.


Most of the world’s Muslim population find their heritage in Ishmael. God had promised to bless Abraham and his offspring, but since Abraham was old as was his wife Sarah, Sarah said, “Here, sleep with my slave girl Hagar and I can build a legacy through her.” That was not the plan God had, but it was the plan man presented God, and God keeps His promises. Around the world today, there is a war between many Christians and Jews against Muslims. But we must always remember that we are all God’s children. And especially to every one of us Christians, we are called to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus, not to hate them. When you meet a person of the Muslim tradition, never forget that man or woman represents “A Promise Kept” by God Almighty to Abraham.


Dear Jesus,

Here’s what this story tells me: You keep Your promises. I’m so grateful this AM that I serve a promise-keeping Savior. Amen

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