Even Brothers Fight

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Acts 15:39

They had such a sharp disagreement that they parted company. Barnabas took Mark and sailed for Cyprus.


This is the story of the earliest New Testament missionary team, Paul and Barnabas, ending their tour of missionary service together. In their first and only tour together, young John Mark, who was Barnabas’ cousin, left the team and went home early. As they prepared to go on the second trip together, Barnabas intended to take John Mark again and give him another chance. Paul, on the other hand, said absolutely not! The contention between them became so intense that they broke their ministry together and separated. Paul took Silas and went to Syria and Cilicia, while Barnabas took John Mark and headed for Cyprus.


Here is proof that “Even Brothers Fight.” Barnabas had been Paul’s mentor after his conversion. Barnabas introduced Paul to the other Apostles in Acts 9. Then in Acts 11, Barnabas let Paul help teach the believers in Antioch, where he began to sharpen his speaking ability and Christian theology. So Paul had much to be grateful for when he thought of his original mentor. Yet he wasn’t going to compromise the fact that he didn’t want to take a chance on John Mark. Barnabas had taken a huge risk by taking Paul under his wings earlier, so that’s who Barnabas was as a leader. The fight was so pointed they split. But when they did, the gospel spread. This proves that bad situations can be turned into a good thing if our hearts are right.


Dear Jesus,

I’m grateful this AM for all the “Not Good” situations You’ve brought me through that in time became a slap in the devil’s face. I’m not ever going to give up because I believe a miracle is on the way! Amen


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One thought on “Even Brothers Fight

  1. My father had 7 children and adopted my mothers daughter born out of wedlock, 5 children were before myself and my younger brother Frankie; the youngest, him neing my only sibling from same mom and dad. We were a blended family before it became the norm. He violated our trust with committing a financial indescretion which hurt my wife and I deeply. It created a wedge it appeared he was incapable of correcting even as a fellow believer. Long story short him being the youngest of all of us he passed away last year of stage 4 cancer. I had forgiven him and made every effort to draw closer to him. And I’ve got to believe your message gives me hope to know good will come from the relationship I had with my only brother.
    Thank you