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Luke 23:12

That day Herod and Pilate became friends—before this they had been enemies.


As Jesus was paraded in front of Herod before his crucifixion, Herod decided to be friends with Pilate. They had been bitter enemies before this event. But in hating Jesus and wanting him dead, they had finally found common ground. So today, they would be called CO-BELLIGERENTS!


For instance, two nations could be at odds. But when a third nation each of the original nations hates worse than they hate each other is introduced into the mix, they can join forces temporarily to fight the nation they both hate. However, I believe it’s an absolute anathema that their hatred of Jesus could bring these two former enemies, Herod and Pilate, together to force his execution. I wonder if they had it to do all over again if they would have changed anything. The Jesus we know, the Rose of Sharon, the bright and morning star, the Lily of the Valley, the great Shepherd of His people, the hope for all humankind—how could this man be so hated? Yes, politics and idiocy had a lot to do with these two BELLIGERENTS coming together. Stay in love with Jesus and stay away from people who are looking for a companion in hate.


Dear Jesus,

With your help today, I will love people and will not align with those who are only interested in the game of hate. Amen


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Rose MIller
Rose MIller
10 days ago

Amen Wisdom of our God.

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