Can You Imagine?

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1 Kings 11:9

The Lord became angry with Solomon because he had turned away from the Lord, the God of Israel who had appeared to him twice.


This is a tragic verse from the Bible. Solomon, whom God had all but handed the keys to his kingdoms to, was now despised by that very same God. What had happened? Solomon had become so puffed up with his own abilities and wisdom, which God had given him, that he had married hundreds of women of foreign countries and had allowed them to bring their heathen idols into Israel. In fact, in many cases, Solomon had built memorials and even temples for these gods. The Lord God of Israel said, “After you’re dead I will split your kingdom and leave only one tribe out of my love for your father David. That one tribe will remain as a legacy to your father!” When you read this sudden turnaround, you’re left thinking, “Can You Imagine?”


Now in this same passage, God says, “I’m angry with you especially after appearing to you twice!” That’s right. Back in the “good old days,” when Solomon was totally dependent upon the Lord, God visited Solomon in Gibeon when he began his reign as king. Then after the dedication of the temple and the unusual joy that had flooded all of Israel after their gigantic gifts to the Lord were offered, God visited Solomon again and warned him to remain faithful. But even after personal visits from the God of the universe, Solomon turned his back on the Lord to worship foreign gods. “Can You Imagine?” How could someone so loved and honored and adored by the Creator fall so far away from God’s glory that he could now worship wood and stone? Do yourself a favor this AM and I will join you. Together let’s reaffirm our love for Jesus. Before you walk away, stay for this prayer of agreement with me.


Dear Jesus,

With all that is within my friend and me this AM, we pledge to follow you all the days of our lives. No matter what! Amen


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