But You Laugh At Them Lord!

S. O. A. P.

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Psalm 59:8a

“But You Laugh At Them Lord!”


First of all, Happy Easter! As I read the scripture this AM, I must put it in context. David, the king, was remarking to the Lord that so many nations of the world at that time had spewed vile remarks from their mouths concerning the God of Israel. And then David, as if to shake his head in amazement, said, “But You Laugh At Them Lord!”


I absolutely love this passage of scripture. Let’s start with the fact that none of the nations King David was referencing believed in a living God. They all worshipped some god they had made with their own hands and decided to worship what they had made. Consequently, they really had no idea what it was like to serve a Living, Loving, all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-everywhere at the same time God of the universe. The God that Israel and you and I worship has created all things, and even today, the universe he has created is ever-expanding even as I write. So here are these little peanut nations on this tiny spec of dirt in the universe called earth spewing filthy things at the most powerful being in the universe, and God’s response to all of this is to laugh. David said all of the things he had to say about all of these tough and scary nations and then says to his God, “But You Laugh At Them Lord!” I love that verse. Whatever is troubling you on this happy, holy Easter Sunday morning, remember the words of King David! Our God is laughing at the minuscule threats the devil brings to his people. Happy Easter!


Dear God:

On this resurrection Sunday, I’m blessed to call you my Savior and Lord. I’m also blessed that you are absolutely HUGE! And because you are, there’s nothing the devil and his minions can do to hurt me or stop you. You’re laughing, and because you are, I’m kind of laughing too! Amen


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