But What About My Country?

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Psalm 131:3

Israel, put your hope in the Lord both now and forevermore.


It was the cry of David’s heart that he, as the monarch of Israel, would somehow see his country always hoping and trusting in the Lord for their help. So his Psalm is a command to his own people.


Whenever I read this passage I’m thrilled for Israel, but my first thought is always, “But What About My Country?” I’m sure that wherever you’re reading this from you have a similar response. The first thing to be noted is that as much as David wanted to force his people to depend on the Lord, you can’t force worship! Worship and service of the Lord is one person’s decision and theirs alone. The second idea is that the Word of God is all-encompassing for all time and for all nations. As much as God Loves Israel, He also loves every nation and peoples He has created. No matter how troubled our respective nations may be, God Loves us and God will see us through. We must believe that He really does have the whole world in His hands.


Dear Jesus,

I’m so very very thankful that you care about the challenges our collective countries are facing. We’ll never stop praying. You are our hope! Amen

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