Blushless Leaders

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Jeremiah 6:15a
Are they ashamed of their detestable conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush.


This was a prophecy by Jeremiah of the phony priests and religious leaders of the day. They had glossed over the sins of the people prophesying good things to come, which in turn was lining their own pockets with the people’s offerings. They had ignored the righteousness of God and were saying, “Peace Peace,” when there was no peace to be had. Jeremiah asked a question, “Are these wicked priests ashamed of their detestable conduct? He then answered his own question by saying, “No, they have no shame at all; They don’t even know how to blush!”


As I read this passage this AM, I was struck with this question, “Have we in this nation as spiritual leaders arrived at the same place as the religious leaders in Jeremiah’s day? Have we become “Blushless Leaders?” By that, I mean, have we seen so much and heard so much that we have become desensitized to sin against God? Have we heard our own people beg for help and then said in response, “It’ll be okay. Things will be just fine. Your best is still yet to come,” and then walked away as if we didn’t hear a word they said? I hope not! But my friend, I’m afraid my assumption is true in many cases. This thing we all need, known as “Spiritual Leadership,” is in many cases being filled by “Blushless Leaders,” who no longer weep over the sins of the nation or their city. I’m crying to God this morning for a personal spiritual EKG that God would awaken me to shame and Godlessness and that the only hope for this nation, or any nation, is complete repentance and change before the Lord.


Dear Jesus,

I’m sorry, Lord, for not taking this Gospel more seriously. I’m sorry, Lord, that though your grace is free, it is not CHEAP! I know of the price you paid so that I could go free. But, may I never seek to escape the cross you have called me to bear. Amen


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