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Psalm 73:28a

But as for me, it is good to be near God.


The writer of this Psalm promotes an elaborate array of complaints concerning “Arrogant Rich People” who had done him wrong. When he finally went to church in verse 17, everything made sense, and he told the Lord … “It’s Good for Me To Be Near You!”


I have found it to be true that the best way to keep a good attitude in life is to live CLOSE to JESUS. When a person is absent from fellowship with Jesus, their attention leaves the realm of the vertical and becomes imprisoned in the horizontal. That’s MAN’S territory! When one’s eyes are on other men and women, wounds are the result. Statements like the following are regular utterances: “He did that, she said this. I couldn’t believe the way they treated me. You could tell they thought they were better than me!” All of that is horizontal talk. It’s crushing and depressing and it shrink’s one’s world. The Psalmist went back to church (the Synagogue, vs.17) and it was as if his mind recalibrated. Right away he saw clearly. Everything was in order again. All because he was back … “At Home Near Jesus.”


Dear Jesus,

I don’t ever want to live a long distance away from Your presence. I want to see clearly by staying vertical, with my eyes fixed on You. I know if I can see You clearly the horizontal stuff will take care of itself. Amen

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