A Sad Legacy

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2 Samuel 18:18

During his lifetime Absalom had taken a pillar and erected it in the ‘Kings Valley’ as a monument to himself, for he thought, “I have no son to carry on the memory of my name.” He named the pillar after himself, and it is called Absalom’s Monument to this day.


To this day, the monument that Absolom built for himself still stands today in the Kidron Valley. But to be honest, it’s really “A Sad Legacy.” If you read the whole story of Absolom from beginning to end, he was an unloved son. When his father wept at his death, I believe that he was weeping because he had failed as a father. Absolom came to a place in his life where he had crossed the line and tried to wrest the kingdom from his dad. In so doing, he built a monument to himself in order to seal his own legacy.


It’s not that Absolom did the wrong thing because men and women have been building their own monuments for thousands of years. However, in Absolom’s case, he built a monument to remind us of “A Sad Legacy,” that he made for himself. What are you and I building that will last. I think that’s always the question. It’s never about a stone monument or a beautiful portrait it’s what people remember that really counts. It’s one thing to build a monument that people look at, and it’s an entirely different thing to build a life that people remember. I believe that if each of us will build our lives upon the rock Christ Jesus, no amount of sculptured rock carved for our own honor will match the first.


This AM, I’m reminded that my chief goal in life is that my life be hidden in Christ with God. I’m not into monuments, neither am I planning for “A Sad Legacy,” because I am building my life on the rock, Christ Jesus. Amen


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