A More Honorable Man

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1 Chronicles 4:9a

Jabez was more honorable than his brothers.


The writer makes it clear in this passage that this man named Jabez was more honorable than his brothers.


Jabez was only remembered by a prayer he prayed. It’s in the prayer he prayed that his honor is revealed. He prayed to the Lord first of all that God would truly bless him. He wasn’t looking for man’s approval or applause; he was desperate for God’s blessing. Second, he wanted increased influenced with people. That can only happen with the anointing of the Lord on our lives. And third, he asked that the Lord would stay close to him. So the revelation of honor in Jabez’s life stems from the fact that he wanted the blessing, the anointing, and the presence of God with him at all times. Those are the desires of “A More Honorable Man.” I don’t believe any of us should desire to be more honorable than the next person, but rather we should desire to be BLESSED by, be ANOINTED by, and know the PRESENCE of the same God Jabez prayed to.


Dear Jesus,

I’m not asking to be “A More Honorable Man” than those around me. I just want to be “More Honorable” than I have been. Amen

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