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2 Chronicles 29:36

Hezekiah and all the people rejoiced at what God had brought about for his people, because it was done so quickly.


Hezekiah’s father, King Ahaz, was so wicked that when he died he was not buried with the other kings of Israel. Immediately upon being anointed king, Hezekiah cleansed the temple of the Lord and established the Levites back into their place as the ministers of Israel. Everything turned around quickly because God was pleased, and the King and the people rejoiced!


It’s amazing to me that all through the Old Testament, whenever the people of Israel put the “Church First,” good things happened. For some reason it never registered with them. They’d have a king, do good, and be blessed. The next would do bad and they’d be cursed. And this trend continued over and over. Even today it seems as though when folks put the Lord and His House first, their own homes go better! But, like the Israelites of old, we often miss it as well. When our own house seems to be going sideways, we should always look at God’s house where we live, and make sure we make the “Church First!”


Dear Jesus,

Before I do anything else today, I am reminded that my life goes best when I make Your House my chief pursuit! Amen

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