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Psalm 81:7a

In your distress you called and I rescued you.


The Lord spoke to His people and said, “When you were in trouble you called to Me and I rescued you.” He lists a number of occasions where it happened, and now He’s asking them to “Just Call” on Him again.


I’m never quick to forget the times my children were young and cried and called on me regularly to help them. It was always my great pleasure to do it. Every parent wants to see themselves as a savior for their children at some point. As my sons have aged, they seldom call on me. Thankfully, they’re rarely in trouble and are honorable men. But something in me as a Dad still wants to save them, even when they’re not in trouble. Unlike me, The Lord was dealing with a nation that seemed to always be in trouble. Over and over in Scripture we hear Him lament these words … “Just Call.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM I can feel Your broken heart. I can feel that You have many children in trouble who continue to try and fix their trouble by human means. Help me, Lord, to be one who is willing to “Just Call.” Amen

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