A Holy Contention

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Jude 1:3b

I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people.


Jude, who many believe was the half brother of Jesus, wrote a one-chapter letter to “Followers of Jesus” everywhere saying, “I felt compelled to tell you to contend for your FAITH!”


At birth, every one of us has been given a “Measure of Faith” (Rom. 12:3). This faith helps us move through life. As we exercise this faith it grows. Then there’s a faith that enters our life when we receive Jesus as Lord, that is what we base our life upon. It is this faith that Jude is speaking of in the above passage. And the more we operate our spiritual faith, the more it grows. Jude’s directive is that we must “CONTEND” for this faith that God has entrusted us with. Too often, some of us are challenged in our Christian faith and no contention is offered back. It appears that the “Spirit of Wilt” is on many “Jesus People” today. When challenged, they “WILT” under pressure, and offer no comeback. What is needed among “Followers of Jesus” as never before is “A Holy Contention!” Not a fight back with material resources, but with the power of the Holy Spirit upon us. A faith that is like the three Hebrew children who told the evil King Nebuchadnezzar, “Even if our God does not save us from the fiery furnace, we will not bow down to your image!” It may have only been one chapter, but Jesus’ little brother was right. We need “A Holy Contention” of our faith!


Dear Jesus,

Please give me “A Holy Contention” of my faith. I refuse, with Your help, to bow down to any attack from the other side. I will raise my voice and faith in the middle of the battle. Amen

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