God’s Servant: Friend Or Enemy?

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1 Kings 21:20a

Ahab said to Elijah, “So you have found me, my enemy!”


King Ahab of Israel was THE MOST wicked of all the Kings of Israel. In this story, he had a man named Naboth killed in order to steal his land. God told Elijah the prophet to go and prophesy the King’s future. When Elijah arrived, the King called God’s servant Elijah his ENEMY!


Whenever Jesus speaks through one of His servants, the person hearing it must decide “Is this person my friend or my enemy?” The answer will always depend on the current state of living on the part of the recipient. If the person hearing the message has been living in right relationship with the Lord, most likely they will consider the messenger a FRIEND. Conversely, if the one receiving the message is running away from the Lord (i.e. Jonah) they may consider the messenger an ENEMY. Ahab called Elijah his enemy because Elijah stood on the side of the Lord while Ahab, who had NO REASON to, ran from the will of God. He knew Elijah was bringing a word of judgment from the Lord, and he was fearful! Fear always turns truth into your enemy. Only you and I can answer the question, “God’s Servant: Friend Or Enemy?”


Dear Jesus,

I want only to be Your FRIEND and follow Your ways this AM. Whatever You need, I am willing. Amen

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