His Desire Is For Me

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Song Of Songs 7:10

I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me.


This very human love story between a man and a woman is used as an allegory of Christ’s love for His church. In this passage, the writer says, “His Desire Is For Me.”


The best word I can think of in describing The Song of Songs is AWKWARD! That being said, Old Testament theologians saw it as a love story between God and Israel, with graphic physical pictures of a man’s love for a woman included. New Testament theologians believed it to be the story of Jesus’ love for His Church. I tend to believe both. I’m not sure why the graphic scenes were placed in the story, but I’m a Believer. So let’s talk about the meaning of this particular verse. I am the Lord’s! I belong to Him and so do YOU. Certainly not in a sexual sense, but truly in a “full on” wholly committed sense. But even more important, HE (Jesus) is fully committed to us (His Church). In fact, here’s the truth … “His Desire Is For Me!”


Dear Jesus,

With all You have to do, I can never imagine how You are fully committed to me as though I was the only person alive. That’s why I serve You. You’re infinitely bigger than I can imagine! Amen

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