The Victory Maker

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Psalm 60:12

With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies.


David was a King who, by and large, rarely suffered defeat. He always went into battle with the thought, “God’s got this!” Never did he approach an enemy with the conscious thought of, “I Wonder?” No! It was David whose full trust was in the Lord. He believed God would always triumph. For David, “The Victory Maker” was the Lord.


I have two questions for you this AM. First, what enemy is in front of you? Second, Who are you trusting to help you win? All of us from time to time will come up against some kind of enemy. Maybe it’s a sickness. Maybe it’s a job loss. Maybe it’s a third party trying to ruin a marriage. Whatever it is, we have to find a way to overcome the enemy we face. Oh sure, there are others who offer help in the time of need. The lawyer stands ready, so does the banker, the doctor, the counselor, and the police. But then there is one who sticks closer than a brother in life’s biggest battles. David pretty much called Him, “The Victory Maker.” David said that God literally tramples down our enemies. He said that with the Lord we will gain the VICTORY. He didn’t say we may gain the victory; he said we WILL gain the victory. This AM, identify the enemy and then affirm that your confidence is fully in Jesus, “The Victory Maker.”


Dear Jesus,

My confidence and assurance is completely in You this AM. You are “My Victory Maker.” Amen

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