Unsanitized Speech

S. O. A. P.

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Proverbs 4:24

Keep your mouth free of perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips.


His father, David, was the most powerful King who ever lived, and Solomon was the wisest King who ever lived. Solomon said his father had taught him these things he was promoting in Proverbs. One of the pathways to wisdom, he said, is purity of speech. Wisdom is free of “Unsanitized Speech.”


“Unsanitized Speech,” including the “F” word, the “S” word, and taking the Lord’s name in vain, are popular the world over. They are the marks of being “HIP” or “TOUGH.” Women use this kind of language as much as men in culture today. No one in history has been more esteemed than King David or King Solomon. One for sheer physical power, the other for otherworldly wisdom. Can you imagine the wild battles King David personally fought using hand to hand combat? Can you imagine the lofty conversations King Solomon had with his top-level executives? Yet both of them disavowed “Unsanitized Speech.” It was Jesus who put His finger on the real issue. Jesus said, “The mouth speaks what the heart is full of” (Luke 6:45). Think of the vast amount of knowledge still unlearned, and yet it’s true that the majority of our information is laced with “Unsanitized Speech?” Really? Is that all we’ve got? Certainly there are loftier places still to be reached. It’s time to leave “Unsanitized Speech” behind and move toward greater thoughts and things. That’s WISDOM!


Dear Jesus,

This AM, please help my thoughts be pure from a clean heart so my speech will be “Sanitized.” Amen

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