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Psalm 20:1

May the Lord answer you when you are in distress; may the name of the God of Jacob protect you.


As the King of the Israeli people, David said a prayer for them in this chapter. He started his prayer by saying, “I’m asking God to hear your cry whenever you’re in trouble, and may God’s name alone be your protection.”


There’s no way in a million years that David ever thought we’d be reading his prayer for US thousands of years after he was gone. In fact, this prayer was prayed for his people, Israel, at THAT time in history. I’m not sure he thought it would be read by his people even a year after he was gone. Here’s the truth though … prayer has a way of lasting much longer than our lifespan! When I pray over my children, I’m praying for them and my children’s children. It’s generational when we pray! When I pray for my country I’m not just praying that it’s good while I’m alive but that it’s good for generations that follow me. So if it’s okay, “My Prayer For You” is the prayer David prayed, in hopes that you will make it your prayer for others. “Oh Lord, hear my friends’ cry when they’re in trouble, and may Your Name alone be their protection.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I’m thankful that just like David my prayers will last longer than I live. I thank You that You will keep answering them until we’re all home. Amen

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  • Nicole Dorvily Reply

    Every now and then, I read a devotional that really speaks to me. I think today’s devotional is a very appropriate prayer that I should use to pray for my friend’s brother who is fighting for his life after a major surgery. I am praying that God would hear her cry today and spare her brother’s life.
    Thank you Pastor Rich

    May 5, 2016 at 8:02 pm

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