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Psalm 132:10

For the sake of your servant David, do not reject your anointed one.


King David was at the top of “The Heap” at that time in history. He literally dominated the world he knew when these words were penned. There was no one his equal that he could call on for help. The only one he could call was the Lord. He simply said … “Remember Me Lord.”


This verse is surrounded with a sense of “DESPERATION.” Sometimes you don’t even have to be in trouble to still be desperate for the Lord. Whether or not David was being pressed by enemies, he needed God NOW! We’re not even sure what he needed, he was just sure he couldn’t possibly experience rejection from his “Maker” and keep going. Even on my good days, I’ll pause and ask the Lord, “Are You There?” I have this feeling that no matter how good life is, if He isn’t with me life is Not Good! No need to worry this AM. Jesus has promised to never leave us. But just for good measure, its still not a bad thing to say, “Remember Me Lord.” PLEASE!


Dear Jesus,

With my whole heart I say with King David this AM … “Remember Me Lord.” I refuse to do life without YOU! Amen

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