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2 Chronicles 2:6b

Who then am I to build a temple for him, except as a place to burn sacrifices before him?


King Solomon sounds almost as if he is mimicking the words of his father David. In 1 Chronicles 29:14a, King David is commenting on the massive offering collected from the people to build the temple. He began by saying, “But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this?” Now, in this passage and after the death of his father, Solomon says as he prepares to build the temple, “Who then am I to build a temple for the Lord?”


I would propose to you this AM that in the history of monarchies there’s never been a more powerful Father/Son duo than David and Solomon. What is it about them that made them so successful? Certainly at different times in their powerful lives and leadership PRIDE tripped each of them up. However, for the most part HUMILITY is what opened the doors to their success. Here we see both father and son at different times asking, “WHO AM I that God would ask me to do such a thing?” With that attitude, the Almighty knew He could trust them because of their HUMILITY! In other words, HUMILITY is the trust factor that unites two hearts together. In my humble estimation, that’s “Why HUMILITY Works.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, before I walk out of the door, I want to once again humble myself under Your mighty hand. Amen

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