Who Can Debate With God?

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Job 9:2

Indeed, I know that this is true. But how can mere mortals prove their innocence before God?


Previous to this chapter, one of Jobs “FRIENDS” named Bildad told him that in time Job would understand God’s work in his life and that one day soon, his mouth would be filled with laughter again. Job immediately agreed with Bildad, but then he began to doubt why God would ever let happen to him what he allowed to happen to Job. Job said, “How can mere mortals prove their innocence before God?” But once again, Job should never have even asked the question because God is perfect in all His ways. So a better question is, “Who Can Debate With God?”


The answer is NO ONE! In fact, that’s exactly what Job said in the next verse and throughout the remainder of the chapter. But why would anyone want to? Here’s the point. We’re limited in our power. Our God is unlimited. He is All-Powerful. We’re limited in our geographical presence. God is unlimited in His geographical presence. God is everywhere at the same time. We are limited in our knowledge. Our God is unlimited! He knows all things knowable. Why would you want to argue, question, criticize, or debate with God? Yet I meet so many folks who are bitter toward the Lord because, for some reason, they believe He picked them out to hammer them. The truth is God picks all of us out to help us fulfill His calling on our lives! His intentions for we, His children, are always for our best interest and highest good. So not just “WHY” would you, but also, “Who Can Debate With God?”


Dear Jesus,

I must admit that I’ve had so many questions in my life, but I’ve kept them to myself. I know in my heart of hearts you have brought things to me, which in some cases were tough, and in other cases were exciting. But I know You have done it all for my own good! I’m happy! I can tell you that! Amen

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