When Your Enemy Prophesies Your VICTORY!

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1 Samuel 26:25a

Then Saul said to David, “May you be blessed, David my son; you will do great things and surely triumph.”


Once again King Saul was pursuing David in order to kill him. But it seemed that David’s lookouts were always ahead of Saul’s team. They reported to David what was going on. David spared Saul’s life, and then from a across the way yelled to him and said, “Why do you keep trying to kill me? I’ve done nothing wrong!” Saul said, “You’re right David, my son, you will do great things and surely be victorious!”


This was now the second time that David could have easily killed Saul but refused to do it. No matter how many good things David tried to do for and to Saul, David found Saul to be an enemy. This time, however, even Saul knew he was finished. He knew he was finished because David was a better man than he was in every way. Before he finished seeing David for the very last time in his life, Saul prophesied a blessing over David. He told him that he was going to do many “Great Things,” and he told him that he would “Surely Be Victorious!” It’s one thing when your father or relative or very close friend blesses you with a prophecy that causes you to run toward what they say, but it’s entirely another thing “When Your Enemy Prophesies Your VICTORY!” Should that ever happen to you, remember that When Your Enemy Prophesies Your VICTORY you’re about to win more than you could have possibly thought or imagined.


Dear Jesus,

I thank You that You have already directed my enemy to prophesy blessings over my life. May I always remember that you’re the one who causes me to triumph! Amen

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