When The King Is Dead, Look For A Man Of God

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2 Chronicles 23:1a

In the seventh year Jehoiada showed his strength.


Jehoiada was the priest of Judah. Judah had been through a living hell with a succession of lousy, ungodly kings, the latest one being King Ahaziah. His mother, Athalia, was a wicked woman in the same category as Ahab and Jezebel. After her son Ahaziah had been killed by Jehu, she proceeded to have all of the royal family in Judah killed save her grandson Joash, who was hidden by his auntie in the temple of God for six years while the little boy’s wicked grandmother reigned. Finally, the man of God Jehoiada, who was the priest in Judah, assembled an alliance within Judah and had the wicked Athalia killed.


I know! It’s complicated! It’s more than that, but there it is in a brief nutshell. The truth is, sometimes leadership lets you down. This was true even in the city of David—Jerusalem. But even though a wicked woman was now leading Judah, God had not given up on his people. The Lord kept the little boy Joash, the son of Ahaziah, alive and let him be raised by Uncle Jehoiada and Auntie Jehosheba. One day Jehoiada, who was a priest anointed of the Lord but was not the King, rose up and took the wicked witch of Judah down and restored righteousness in Judah. God will always fight for His people, so remember, “When The King Is Dead, Look For A Man Of God.”


Dear Jesus,

Today I want to start by saying that You are my Lord. I pray that when men and women in leadership let us down, You will help us look for men and women of God to lead us in Your ways instead. Amen

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