When Hearts Are Stolen

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2 Samuel 15:13

A messenger came and told David, “The hearts of the people of Israel are with Absalom.”


Absalom, King David’s son, had stolen the hearts of a good portion of the Israeli people while his father was busy on the job. It had been a slow, continual strategic plan on the part of the young man to split his father’s kingdom, and most likely have his father killed. It was at this point that a messenger came to David to let him know the hearts of the people had moved away from David and into the hands of his rebel son, Absalom.


Perhaps in your life you have experienced something similar, yet on a much smaller scale. What do you do “When Hearts Are Stolen?” That’s exactly what happened in this story. David’s son had skillfully sown seeds of discord, and question, and all-out lies concerning his father so that he STOLE the hearts of the people. Here’s what David did. First, he believed the report of the messenger and got out of town. Sometimes God sends folks to warn us, and we don’t pay attention. Second, he properly vetted those he believed were with him and secured their safe passage with him. It may be time to ask your friends and associates if they are with you. Third, he had the Ark of God returned to Jerusalem by his priests saying, “It’s in God’s hands now.” In the end, we must be willing to go with God and not our own emotions. Because of David’s diligence in these matters, he lost his beloved rebellious son but won the day. This story reminds us that all hope is not lost.


Dear Jesus,

I’m thankful today that You have afforded me a leadership position in Your wonderful family. Help me to remain awake to what is happening around me. May I be a blessing to You today is my prayer. Amen

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