When God Used A Man’s Fame To Scare The Devil

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1 Chronicles 14:17

So David’s fame spread throughout every land, and the Lord made all the nations fear him.


David had been inquiring of the Lord if he should proceed to fight the Philistines. They had been advancing to attack him. The Lord gave him directions on two different occasion in this chapter to do so. When he defeated them he became famous, and God used David’s fame to cause every nation to fear him.


Make sure you never find yourself jealous of a man or woman of God becoming famous for exploits they have accomplished for the Lord. I say this because, “When God Used A Man’s Fame To Scare The Devil” it so happened that many people’s lives were spared from war. Because of David’s fame, other nations were afraid to fight him. Maybe the very spiritual leader that you’re thinking is getting a puffed-up head is the very spiritual leader God has chosen to push back the darkness in the land. Instead, we must pray for any man or woman of God when the Spirit elevates them, because the enemy of our soul will certainly be ready to take them down. But when praying men and women join together it’s the enemy who gets taken down, over and over again.


Dear Jesus,

Help me this AM to be on the praying and supporting side of all of my brothers and sisters whoYou choose to elevate. All I know is I want the devil just to stay away because he’s afraid of the power of God in us. Amen

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