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Genesis 37:11

His brothers were jealous of him, but his father kept the matter in mind.


This is the beginning of the story of Joseph’s dream and the subsequent happenings that took him to second in command of the nation of Egypt. He was a teenager when God gave him a dream that one day his family would bow down to him. When he reported it naively to his brothers, they rebuked him, as did his father. But although his brothers were jealous of him, the scripture says his father, “kept it in mind.”


I’m sure you’ve heard that line before, “Keep me in mind.” We say it when we’re hoping to be called on at a future date to be of assistance to a friend or acquaintance. But this is different. I can’t speak for all fathers, but I can speak for me. I remember what my sons said at an early age. One said, “Dad, whatever you want me to do, I’ll do.” One said, “I’m going to be a preacher.” One said, “I’m special.” One said, “I know what you want me to do (be a doctor), but I’m gonna preach.” I kept these things in my mind (and hundreds of more things each said) from the day they said them until now. It’s amazing to me how I’ve watched each of my sons prophesy their futures by words they spoke in their youth. Jacob was upset with Joseph, but he kept his son’s words in his heart and mind. I believe Jacob kept believing until the day they all paid homage to Joseph. When my boys prophesied their futures, I kept it in mind. And when I did I agreed together with them, by God’s grace it happened! But that’s just “What This Dad Thinks.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM I’m so thankful for the power of agreement. I’ve experienced miracles by agreeing in faith with someone else. That’s a principal You established, and I’ve proven it to be true! Amen

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