What They Want Most, They Can’t Have

S. O. A. P.

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Isaiah 48:22

“There is no peace,” says the Lord, “for the wicked.”


The Lord spoke through His prophet Isaiah and simply said, “No matter what the wicked try and do, they find no rest whatsoever.”


As a boy, I can remember my mom was a prayer, a doer, and a minister all in one. On many occasions I would hear my mom say, “I’m just so tired, I’m going to lie down.” BOOM! She’d be gone in a second. She’d wake up refreshed and go until midnight. Can you believe my dad was the exact same way? No matter where he was, he’d get a fifteen-minute nap around 2 pm. He would lay his head on the floor or a throw pillow and be snoring in seconds. Fifteen minutes to the second, he was wide awake and ready to go until midnight. I’ve never had trouble with falling asleep, ever. I believe that PEACE is a result of finding REST in Jesus. There is PEACE and REST for true “Followers Of The Lord.” On the other hand, the wicked struggle to find peace and rest. In fact, it’s so challenging for them that the Bible says, “What They Want The Most, They Can’t Have.” Stay with Jesus.


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for giving me Peace and Rest today and every day of my life. I trust You to give it to me when I can’t do it myself. Amen

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