What Are You Chasing?

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Luke 12:34

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


In His time, Jesus gave this nugget of information that appears to be a huge boulder of gold in this present age. Here is the nugget. Whatever treasure a person chooses to chase, that person’s heart is locked in on that treasure as well.


When this scripture refers to one’s heart, it’s speaking of the location in a person’s life where their decisions are made. The “heart” (as defined here) of a person is the seat of the human will. If a person’s treasure is in building a stock portfolio, that is that person’s treasure, which means their heart is locked into that stock portfolio as well. By that, I’m saying all of their CHOICES will be to enhance the stock portfolio. Why? Because they are chasing stocks! That goes for anything, or anyone, or any category of life. But, if a person’s treasure is their relationship with Jesus, Jesus will also have their heart. All of their decisions (heart) will be to build and enhance their walk with Christ. That’s what Jesus was saying here. Put all of your treasure in God. If you do, your heart will be locked in on Him as well. He, in turn, will make everything work out for you in this life. So the question will always be, “What Are You Chasing?”


Dear Jesus,

Long ago I made You my treasure. You have my heart, and WOW! You have been so, so good to me and those I love dearly. Thank You! Amen

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