Well, YES And NO

S. O. A. P.

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Job 10:20

Are not my few days almost over? Turn away from me so I can have a moment’s joy.


Job was, at this point, a broken man. He was responding to the questions and comments of his friends as best he could, yet he was broken. He’d lost everything, including his ten children to death, and was overwhelmed with open sores on his body. Here he says to His friends, “Are not my few days almost over?”


Whenever I’ve seen this passage in the book of Job, my first response is, “Well, YES And NO.” I say YES because, in light of history, all of our days are almost over. If you’re twenty or seventy-five, there is an expiration date on all of us. In Job’s case, however, I say NO because, in the midst of ALL of his pain and suffering, God had a remarkable plan that is literally astounding when you look at it from this passage of scripture. NO! Job’s days weren’t at that time almost over, because the scripture says that in time, God gave him back double for all of his trouble. In fact, he lived another 140 years!! Whatever you may be going through today, remember that God is a big, big God. And since you are reading this short devo, it means you have life, and God is not finished with you yet.


Dear Jesus,

I’ll never believe that You’re finished with me here on earth until I see You face to face where You are. Amen


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