Things Never Remain The Same!

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Genesis 31:2

And Jacob noticed that Laban’s attitude toward him was not what it had been.


Originally Jacob had cut a deal with his father-in-law Laban to stay on as his associate. Laban told him to name his price and Jacob did. The deal was set, and in time Jacob’s flocks began to outgrow Laban’s. At that point, the scripture says that Laban’s attitude toward Jacob, his son-in-law, began to change. In time Jacob had to move his whole family and flocks away from Laban.


Whatever you may think about the deal that Jacob cut with Laban, it was a deal that both agreed on. At the time it was initiated, the cards were already stacked in Jacob’s favor. Because his business grew, it brought division in the family. This is just one story that can be illustrated in a thousand different scenarios that prove, “Things Never Remain The Same.” At the middle-age mark in my life, all of the plans that my wife and I had made for our future in alignment with her family changed in one day. It meant we had to make new plans. It meant we would move our family to Miami at a very critical time in their lives. But God was in it, and history has proven He had our best interest in mind. The same must be said, in a much larger scope, that God was in the move that Jacob’s father-in-law forced him to make. Jacob learned at a critical time in his life, and I did the same, that “Things Never Remain The Same.”


Dear Jesus,

I’m so thankful that in the most critical season of change in the life of my family, You were with me. In fact, You orchestrated the whole thing and I’m so glad You did. Amen

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