The Way Of Faithfulness

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Psalm 119:30

I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on your laws.


King David let all of his people know that, before God, he had chosen, “The Way of Faithfulness.” It was his own decision to run toward the laws of the Almighty.


When David penned these words, he was speaking as the monarch of Israel. Thankfully, during David’s reign he could be called a benevolent dictator, most of the time. Either way, he had complete rule as the King of Israel. So, when he said he had chosen “The Way of Faithfulness,” he was demanding that his people do the same. Here’s the question. Who in authority today is demanding the same from their constituencies? There are some practices that should be demanded rather than just suggested. We as people can only truly stand UNITED with each other, when we stand FAITHFUL to one another. There’s little time left, we must all choose “The Way of Faithfulness.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM my heart tells me that it’s a good speech, but it takes Your empowerment for any man or woman to choose “The Way of Faithfulness.” Empower me I ask. Amen

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