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Genesis 35:5

Then they set out, and the terror of God fell on the towns all around them so that no one pursued them.


The backdrop to this story is that the son of the head of the Hivite people, named Shechem, raped Jacob’s daughter, Dinah. Shechem begged his father to get the young lady for his wife. Her brothers were having none of that and tricked Shechem and the male Hivites. They said, “We can’t move in and share the land with you because our law says the men must be circumcised.” Shechem, his father, and all the Hivite men agreed and were circumcised. Three days into their pain, Dinah’s brothers, Jacob’s sons, killed all the Hivite males, pillaged their properties, and took their women and children.


When Jacob heard what his sons had done, he was very distraught. He said, “We are a small tribe of shepherds and we will be susceptible to the people who now despise us for what you have done.” As they were moving out of that territory, Jacob felt it necessary to purify his family before the Lord. Jacob told his sons, “Gather together all the foreign gods you have procured along the way.” They gave them to Jacob and then they left, looking for another place to live. They believed they would be attacked along the way, but as they set out “The TERROR of God” came upon the kings and their people along the way so that no one harmed the sons of Jacob in any way. The next time you feel outnumbered, or as if you are about to be invaded by the enemy, remember that this same “terror” that silenced those out to get Jacob and his sons is with you today. He will never leave or forsake you. In fact, He’s still ready to bring the wayward child home.


Dear Jesus,

I’m so very grateful this AM that you have been working on my behalf more than I can measure.  Amen

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