The Right Answer

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Numbers 32:31

The Gadites and Reubenites answered, “Your servants will do what the Lord has said.”


Moses and the people of Israel were preparing to cross the Jordon river and conquer Canaan, as the Lord had promised them. Before they crossed over, two tribes of Israel, Gad and Rueben, wanted to remain in the land of Gilead this side of the Jordon. Moses said, “If when it’s time to fight the Canaanites you will cross over the Jordon to fight with your brothers, then the land of Gilead will be yours. But if you refuse, the land will be taken from you.” They answered, “Your servants will do what the Lord has said.” Moses got what he was looking for, “The Right Answer.”


Did you know that our blessed Lord is always looking for “The Right Answer” from you and me? You may be wondering, “What is the right answer?” The Gadites and Reubenites had it right thousands of years ago, and here it is: “Your servants will do what the Lord has said.” That’s all the Lord has been looking for in His people since He first created humans. If Jesus were speaking to us today, He would simply say, “Just do what I tell you to do!” We often hear people say, “You need to elevate the way you’re looking at this. You need to get to the 30,000-foot level and look down on your challenge before you make that decision.” What are they saying? They’re saying get an elevated view, don’t make the quick decision while in the middle of the fray. Well, think about this. Jesus has heaven’s perspective in every decision you make down here. Why not just do what the One who has heaven’s view of your little problem tells you to do? Never listen to some guy named Marty when you’ve got a big decision to make unless Marty is heaven-sent. God is looking for The Right Answer from you and me today. One more time, here’s The Right Answer. Lord, I’ll do what You tell me to do.


Dear Jesus,

This AM I know I have my daily test to pass. I know that today You are looking for “The Right Answer” from me. So let me say it to start the day right. Lord, I’ll do what You tell me to do. Amen

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