The Pastoral Blessing

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Leviticus 9:22a

Then Aaron lifted his hands toward the people and blessed them.


The first High Priest of Israel was Moses’ brother Aaron. After he and his sons went through extensive training for their priestly calling, it was time for him to begin his official duties. One of the first things the man of God did was to raise his hands toward the people and bless them.


The preparation that Aaron and his sons experienced was filled with a myriad of here’s HOW to, and here’s how NOT tos. It wasn’t just rules; it had to do with Divine guidelines on how to officiate as a priest and stay alive while in the very presence of the Almighty. However, at no time did God have any other intention than to bless the people of Israel. So a normal act for Aaron to accomplish on a regular basis was the act of stretching his hands toward the people of Israel and blessing them. In the late 1990s our family moved to Miami and my wife and I became the Co-Pastors of Trinity Church. There’s seldom been a Sunday or church meeting of any kind that I haven’t finished by reaching my hands to the people and blessing them out. People need and desire “The Pastoral Blessing.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You that it is in Your Heart to bless and not curse Your people. Help me to stay on the blessing side of the ledger. I want to be a Pastor who blesses his people. Amen

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3 thoughts on “The Pastoral Blessing

  1. Thank you for the blessings Pastor Rich.
    Where is Trinity Church located?
    I live in Miami Beach. Are you and
    wife Robin still living in Miami?
    Thank you both for reading my comment and thank you for answering.
    God bless you both and family.

  2. Dear Pastor, today’s devotional is
    helping me to feel more of the
    strength of the Lord I always receive
    from HIM. Specially in my current
    circumstances. Thank you so much.