The Inevitable

S. O. A. P.

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2 Kings 13:20a

Elisha died and was buried.


The unthinkable happened on that day! IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!


This is not the typical devotional to get your day started with a happy face. However, Elisha the prophet, who worked double the miracles of his great predecessor Elijah, died. At that time in history, a holy hush must have fallen over both Israel and Judah. Here was a man who BURNED his entire business up and threw a party to follow God’s call. Here was a man who had called for miracles in other locations without leaving his house. Here was a man who had raised a person from the dead. The very next verse tells us that during an uprising the people of the city threw a dead man’s body into the tomb of Elisha, and when the man’s body fell on Elisha’s dead bones the man got up and walked out of the tomb alive! The New Testament writer tells us, “People are destined to die once!” (Heb. 9:27), and whether it’s in 50 years or 2 years we all know it will happen. We call it “The Inevitable.” Yet when we decide to follow Jesus, we are promised that when we face “The Inevitable,” we will wake up in His heavenly home. Call that what you want, but I call that “The Inevitable!” And that’s what I’m living for!


Dear Jesus,

I realize that there are some INEVITABLES in this life. However, I know what You have promised me in this life and the life to come. With Your help, I will live and die with Your promises tucked deep in my soul. Amen

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