The Great Escape

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John 10:39

Again they tried to seize him, but he escaped their grasp.


In this chapter of the book of John, John reported the dialogue between Jesus and his Jewish opponents. They continued to ask Him if he was the Messiah, and He told them he had already said that He was. This infuriated them even more. Here, the scripture says that they tried to seize him and couldn’t, because Jesus escaped their grasp.


Since we’re just a few days away from Christmas, our family watched a Christmas movie where it was finally explained as to how Santa is able to cover all the chimneys of the world in just one night. The movie showed him going into a spirit form and being able to literally cover whole cities in under a minute. CRAZY! Just, CRAZY! But you have to wonder how, on more than one occasion in the Gospels, Jesus “escaped their grasp.” I mean the mob would try and seize Him and He’d slip away. Here’s what I believe, He probably did kind of become the Spirit He is and vanish. But however he did it, Jesus was not to be crucified until it was God’s time. Here’s what I want to say. Your steps are ordered of the Lord today and every day that you faithfully serve Jesus. Nothing and no one can take you out until God calls you home. Yes! You and I both have an expiration date on us. Only God knows when that is. Until it’s our time, no one can take us down. If they try, they’ll witness “The Great Escape” every time.


Dear Jesus,

I’m thankful to be in your will today. I know You have my life mapped out. I’m trusting today that once again you will guide and guard my steps. Amen

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