The God Who Saves Me

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Psalm 88:1

Lord, you are the God who saves me; day and night I cry out to you.


Here the Psalmist writes from a troubled place. It’s obvious that nothing he has tried in the natural has worked for him, and he simply says that his God is, “The God Who Saves Me.”


I know that many people write these daily devotionals, but it just so happens that I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus. Probably that’s meaningful as I’m supposed to be the guy who has it all worked out and never has a problem that isn’t fixed by at least noon each day. The truth is, I fall into the category of being in a state of desperation on a fairly regular basis. Even though the writer of this Psalm ended up getting his cry in the Good Book forever, he still cried in this Psalm. He still felt like nothing he was doing was working, and so he was content to cry to the only One he knew who could really help him. What about you today? Could it be that you are in the same boat that this preacher has experienced? If so, I implore you on this fine morning to simply cry to “The God Who Saves Me.”


Dear Jesus,

Once again this AM I’m laying my life in Your hands. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever stop crying. But until I do, I’ll cry out one more time to You, “The God Who Saves Me.” Amen

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