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Ezekiel 39:29

I will no longer hide my face from them, for I will pour out my Spirit on the people of Israel, declares the Sovereign Lord.


This is a prophecy from Ezekiel in which he saw the people of Israel turning back to God. This occurs during the seven-year period known as the tribulation. Modern theologians say we are not there yet, but some would argue that a portion of the Church is always going through some kind of intense tribulation. The Almighty says, “On that day I will pour out my Spirit upon them.”


However you want to interpret the timing of this prophecy for the Christ Follower, “The FUTURE Is BRIGHT!” The New Testament tells us, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” (Gal. 6:9). Yes, there will be times of tribulation, whether it’s the seven years the Bible speaks about or the tribulation that all of us have faced at one time or another. Tribulation for the believer is always a testing ground for better days. God never intends for us to be crushed by the tribulation that comes our way. Instead it’s the Lord’s desire that we are willing to pass through the tribulation victoriously, and when it is over we will be elevated to greater things. Remember: don’t give up, because “The FUTURE Is BRIGHT!”


Dear Jesus,

I must admit this AM that there are times when I think, “How much more can I take?” Yet through the years I’ve learned that You built me with the capacity to take whatever You allow to come my way. Thank You for trusting me. Amen

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