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1 Chronicles 10:13a

Saul died because he was unfaithful to the Lord.


The writer of the Chronicles puts the cause of death for Saul as being that of UNFAITHFULNESS.


Certainly Ezra, the assumed writer of the Chronicles, was no coroner, but if he had been he’d have written on a piece of parchment and tied it to the big toe of Saul … “The Cause Of Death: UNFAITHFULNESS!” You can say it was because he fell on his own spear after being wounded. But what really got him into trouble and hastened his demise was “UNFAITHFULNESS” to God Almighty. You can question God, commune with God, and even disagree with God, but what will get you or me in trouble with God is the sin of “UNFAITHFULNESS.” My sole desire in this life after living these many years is to remain faithful to the One who has born my sins to the cross. I want to remain faithful to the One who rose from the dead. To the One who has healed me every time I called on His name. I want to remain faithful to the One who has given me a family and a legacy and friends and life itself. I want to die someday only because my heart stopped beating and I wanted to see Jesus anyway. Never do I want the coroner to say, “The Cause Of Death: UNFAITHFULNESS!”


Dear Jesus,

Just like I’ve said on so many occasions in this post, “I’m in! I’m all in!” That hasn’t changed through the years, and with Your continual help it will never change! I want to be called “FAITHFUL Servant” one day when I see You face to face! Amen

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