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1 Samuel 4:18

When he mentioned the ark of God, Eli fell backward off his chair by the side of the gate. His neck was broken and he died, for he was an old man, and he was heavy. He had led Israel forty years.


Eli was the priest of Israel, and he was Israel’s leader. In time, Israel demanded a king, but this story preceded that time. In Eli’s day, they were ruled by Mosaic Law, which said that the lead priest’s son would take his place through succession. However, Eli failed to “Take Care Of Home” first. He failed to lead his sons. He raised another family’s son (Samuel) to greatness, but his sons were stealing from the people while acting as priests. Furthermore, they were sleeping with women who ministered at the entrance to the tent of meeting. Eli tried to rebuke them to no avail. Then he failed to take care of his body. He yielded to the lust of the flesh by overeating and becoming fat. In the end, it killed him, and his priestly succession was ended when his boys were killed by the Lord Himself.


How can we be effective in the Lord’s work if our personal vessel of service unto the Lord (our body) is out of control? Also, when our immediate family is completely void of direction because we’ve put business over loved ones, how effective are we? God is calling His people to get in shape and love those He has placed in our home first. When that is happily in place, our marketplace work for the Lord becomes all that we believe it can be. But unlike Eli the priest, the first thing we must do is “Take Care Of Home.”


Dear Jesus,

My prayer this AM is that You would help me keep the TEMPLE where the Holy Spirit resides (my body) in shape and my family energized for Jesus. Amen

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