Surprised By A Broken Heart

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Mark 15:44a

Pilate was surprised to hear that he was already dead.


After the death of Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea, a leading Jewish authority and a friend of Jesus, went to Pilate and asked boldly for the body of Christ. Pilate was surprised that Jesus was already dead, and after confirming the fact he gave the body to Joseph.


Often, after a crucifixion, the body of the criminal being hung would stay alive for several days. That’s why the soldiers had come to break the legs of Jesus. But when they saw that he was already dead, instead of breaking His legs—which hastened death—they stuck a spear in His side. The scripture says that from the riven side of Christ a stream of blood mixed with water flowed. That represented medically the fact that Jesus’ heart had burst from within. He literally died of a “Broken Heart!” Initially the idiot governor, Pilate, was surprised that Jesus was already dead, knowing the history of crucifixion which he himself had long presided over. Later Pilate would learn that Jesus had died of a broken heart. That of course would be another sign to Pilate that Jesus was in fact the Messiah. That’s how a wicked governor was “Surprised By A Broken Heart!”


Dear Jesus,

I remember how surprised I was the first time I learned of Your Broken Heart. The fact that You continue to love me in spite of my failure surprises me still! Amen

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