Sometimes You Just Need To Celebrate!

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1 Samuel 11:13

But Saul said, “No one will be put to death today, for this day the Lord has rescued Israel.”


The Bible tells us in the previous chapter that when Saul was first made King over Israel a group of what the scripture refers to as “scoundrels” despised Saul and refused to bring him gifts or acknowledge him as their King. After Saul rescued the people of Jabesh Gilead, the Israelites said, “Go, find those men who refused to follow our King and let’s put them to death!” Saul said, “No one is going to die today for the Lord has rescued us all.”


After a great victory it’s always time to celebrate. In this case, men who had rejected Saul as King were now being brought into the light for a quick justice to be made of them. BUT, the new King said not today. He forgave those men and decided to celebrate instead. There are also times in the midst of great trial when one who is a “Follower of Jesus” should find reason to celebrate. Not long ago, on the Sabbath (which I celebrate on Saturday and rarely leave the house but to rest), my wife said, “We’ve been facing a lot of challenges lately. We’ve been invited to go to the beach with friends and have a nice day of fun.” Instead of staying at the house on my Sabbath, we went and sat with friends on God’s beach! That day of celebration with friends made me remember, “Sometimes You Just Need To Celebrate!”


Dear Jesus,

Today I will take a break and Celebrate. With Your help, I’ll do my best to always find Celebration even in the midst of trial. Amen

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