Sometimes You Just Have To Party!

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Luke 15:32

But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.


This ends the great story of “The Prodigal Son,” told by Jesus Himself. This last line by the father of the young man is a response to the Prodigal’s older brother, who had complained because his father was rejoicing over his son who had come home from a life of waste and wretchedness. In effect, the father said to his older son, “Sometimes You Just Have To Party!”


Unfortunately, the older brother in this story is not unusual in life. It often happens that instead of rejoicing and throwing a party when something really good and redemptive happens to someone who has been really messed up, others choose to criticize and become bitter over the victory. That kind of response is rejected by our Father in heaven. Because of the fact that Jesus was sent to this broken world to save broken people, the Father will go to any lengths to embrace ANYONE who responds to His call. God is no respecter of people. He doesn’t classify us as “That’s my child, but that one’s not.” He only classifies us as either lost or found. Those of us who hold close to the Lord and the practice of Holy Scripture should just get happy whenever someone who was lost is found! What am I trying to say? Here it is, “Sometimes You Just Have To Party!”


Dear Jesus,

I know I was Lost but You Found me. I never found You, because You were never Lost. I was Lost, but now I’m Found! Thank You! Amen

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