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Psalm 17:14a

By your hand save me from such people, Lord, from those of this world whose reward is in this life.


David, who had already been anointed King over Israel, was in jeopardy of losing his life to folks who were only seeking “REWARDS” for living this life for themselves. David called them people of this world. He asked the Lord to save HIM from THEM.


All of us are working and living daily for “REWARDS.” Some are living this life for themselves in order to gain “REWARDS” to be spent here in this life. Yet it seems to me the more “REWARDS” people receive on this side of heaven, most of them only end up wanting more. Satisfaction seems to evade them. The harder they work for earthly “REWARDS,” the more they have to have. The old gospel song says, “I’m livin’ this life, just to live again!” Those who live to serve on this side are laying up eternal “REWARDS” that cannot be denied or destroyed. Jesus promised if we’d live to serve while on this side, treasures would be laid up in our account in heaven. So yes, “I am livin’ this life just to live again!” To see Jesus one day face to face will blow away all my earthly “REWARDS!”


Dear Jesus,

Your “REWARDS” to me on this side of heaven only make me want to be where You are forever. You indeed, blessed Savior, are my eternal “REWARD!” Amen

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