Pray For Your Friend Who Is In Trouble Today

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Acts 12:5

So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.


The scripture says that King Herod began arresting people from the Church and even had James the brother of John put to death with a sword. The people actually approved of what Herod had done, so he arrested more. One of them was Peter. Peter was obviously in trouble because he was the voice of the Christian faith at that time. The Church, however, began to pray for Peter earnestly. They didn’t operate as though nothing had happened. They held night vigils of prayer for their friend who was in trouble.


The result of the Church praying for Peter in this story was that God sent an angel to the prison house where Peter was being kept and got him out one night while the Church was praying for him. King Herod was struck down by God and eaten with worms (vs. 23). Wow! You’ve heard it said before that, “Prayer Changes Things.” Well, here’s one example. But what about you and me in this contemporary age in which we live? Does prayer still work? Absolutely and without a doubt. This short story should challenge all of us to get back to praying instead of worrying. Do you have a friend in trouble today? Instead of worrying and calling people and talking about it, why not instead just “Pray For Your Friend Who Is In Trouble Today.”


Dear Jesus,

You know the friend I’m talking about Lord, I’m praying that You would get him out of trouble today. Amen

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