Please, Jesus, Please

S. O. A. P.

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Psalm 4:6

Many, Lord, are asking, “Who will bring us prosperity?” Let the light of your face shine on us.


This Psalm Of David was written with a complete reliance on the Lord. David was desperate as the royal leader of Israel for God’s intervention. In no way was he demanding of the Lord, but in an almost childlike way he says, “Many are asking where our prosperity will come from?” The best way I can relate to you what he was asking was simply, “Please, Jesus, Please.”


Have you ever been so overwrought with anxiety and just sheer trouble that you looked up to heaven and said, “Please, Jesus, Please?” Our troubles are so minuscule compared to the Monarch of a country; but still, if it’s my problem, nothing else seems to be bigger. It’s in those times that I can assure you Jesus is there! At the end of this Psalm, David began to forecast the victory of the Lord. He could foresee the miracle because the Lord had done it for them so many times before. He saw prosperity coming.  He also saw a time of rest from his own trouble coming. That’s what you must believe today. The miracle is surely coming, but in the meantime keep looking up to heaven and say, “Please, Jesus, Please!”


Dear Jesus,

You know all about it so I won’t spend time telling You all about it this AM. But what I will do is just say, “Please, Jesus, Please!” Amen

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One thought on “Please, Jesus, Please

  1. Amen Pastor Rich, I have learned through every trial to Look to the Hills from whence cometh MY HELP, ALL my help comes from the LORD. Thanks Be to God
    Awesome Word