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S. O. A. P.

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Luke 5:34

Jesus answered, “Can you make the friends of the bridegroom fast while he is with them?”


Jesus had just gone to Matthew’s (aka Levi’s) house for a huge party. He had just called Matthew to be one of His followers. Matthew was a tax collector, and he was most likely despised by fellow Jews. Some of these people had questioned Jesus about the way He and His followers were quick to party since John the Baptist’s disciples were often seen fasting. Jesus said, “Yes, but isn’t it right to party when the Bridegroom is actually in the house? There is a time when He will be gone, and then fasting will be appropriate.”


Today is a special day for me. Forty-six years ago tonight I married my beautiful Robyn. It doesn’t seem possible that it was that long ago, but I can tell you this, my memory is clear. That night, after the minister pronounced, “you are man and wife,” the Party was on. The two of us since that time have been in a battle together against the forces of darkness. As “Followers of Jesus,” we know what it means to have little at times and to have much at other times. We know what it means to be down and almost out at times and be crushing it at other times. But, because of Jesus, there’s always been hope in all of those times that He has us in the center of His will. His constant, spiritual presence in our lives is partly a result of His Promise and partly a result of our devotion in prayer and fasting along the way. Most of all, because of the hope, there’s always a desire to Party since we live by the notion that “The Best is Yet to Come.” So remember, since Jesus is always with you it’s always appropriate to “Party On!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I want to thank You for my wonderful wife. I want to thank You that because of Your constant presence in our lives, as difficult as it has been at times, we’ve always had a desire to “Party On!” Thank You for Your continual presence with us. Amen

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2 thoughts on “Party On!

  1. Just want to congratulate you on your anniversary. My marriage was 49 years when God called my husband home.I miss him so very much .I have lost parents,siblings and a child but none give more grief then the passing of my husband .Love each other all you can and I am sure you do.God bless you and thank you.