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Psalm 2:4

The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.


In the previous verses, the Psalmist talks about the great kings of the earth gathering against the Lord in heaven and talking about how they will do this and that to God. Then the writer simply says, “Our God In Heaven Laughs at their attempt to somehow bring Him down.”


Right here and right now I need to say that the God we serve is great and greatly to be praised, worshipped, and adored. No-Thing, No-Body, No-Power can possibly fathom His greatness. The idea that anybody, or any power, or anything, could possibly dethrone Him is absolutely “LAUGHABLE!” So while you and I, if we’re not careful, sit here and worry and fret over our little trials and worry that somehow the devil is going to take us or our God down, it is an undeniable JOKE! God’s laughing at the devil and all of his schemes today. Before you start fretting, remember we are covered totally by “Our LAUGHING Savior!”


Dear Jesus,

I must say that I am comforted today when I read how You laugh at the devil’s attempts to defeat me or overrule Your plan’s. I’m so glad I’m on Your side! Amen

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