Our God Is Righteous In All His Ways

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Job 34:10

“So listen to me, you men of understanding. Far be it from God to do evil, from the Almighty to do wrong.”


These are the words of the young man Elihu, who chimes in at the end of Job’s ordeal with God. Job had three friends who had tried to figure out with him why these calamities had come upon a righteous man. But in their discussions some radical assumptions were being made, and Job fought back trying to defend himself. In so doing, he made some claims about God that in his suffering were not reasonable. This young man, who had been listening to this long discussion, spoke up for God. He said in short, “Our God Is Righteous In All His Ways.”


Here’s the truth. In our life here on this earth, things happen that we just don’t have an explanation for. This story of Job has been debated about for so many years because Scripture gives us a background as to what was happening in heaven prior to these calamities coming upon Job. But Job himself didn’t have the background of what happened in heaven leading up to his time of tribulation. Neither did the three friends who came to visit him, nor did this young man who listened in on the discussion over a period of days. When we have no reference as to why God is allowing things that test our faith to happen in our lives, it’s easy to put the blame on God. If it gets really bad, we can accuse God of evil action as it relates to us. But our God does not sin. Our God loves at all times. Our God never fails, and “Our God Is Righteous In All His Ways.”


Dear Jesus,

There are always things that happen to me, or come on me, in just the right way and I’m compelled to ask, “WHY?” With all my heart and everything that is in me, I want to say that “You, my God, Are Righteous In All Your Ways!” Amen

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