One Man = Peace For A Generation

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Judges 3:30

That day Moab was made subject to Israel, and the land had peace for eighty years.


This is the story of ONE MAN named Ehud who personally killed the king of Moab and escaped. After he had done so there was confusion in Moab, giving the people of Israel a window to follow Ehud’s command, and they defeated Moab. When they did, Israel had peace for eighty years. “One Man = Peace For A Generation!”


Perhaps you’ve read in these posts before about the power that just one person has when united in purpose with the Lord to bring about certain victories for other people. The story of Ehud of Israel during the time of the Judges is one such story. But there are modern day stories of righteous men and women who stand at just the right time and move forward with courage—and God gives them victory. Whether you believe we are living in bad times or good times is not the point. You and I are called in Holy scripture to ALWAYS take a stand. We are not called to go along with popular opinion, but rather to go with the Lord. So no matter how outnumbered you may think you are, it only takes ONE. Because in the above story, “One Man = Peace For A Generation!” You Can Be that One Man or One Woman, Today.


Dear Jesus,

I’ve always believed that if You can use anything, Lord, You can use me! I’m always ready to be Your ONE in my generation. Amen

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